I’ll admit: I haven’t done right by Pentagon lately. I just haven’t been following their comebacks and I feel terrible because Pentagon is actually super talented. All of the songs of theirs that I’ve listened to have impressed me and I got attached to each of them as people.

I found Pentagon just after their second comeback. I remember going through and watching every single live stage of their debut single, Gorilla, and prepping for their upcoming comeback. I wanted to watch their reality show but I couldn’t quite get into it because their chemistry was still off. Still, I began to grow fond of them and I knew that I would stick it out for the long haul.

That especially became the case after I listened to Critical Beauty. That song wasn’t the song that launched their popularity but it did solidify their place in the K-pop realm. It wasn’t until a couple of comebacks later that Shine was released and Pentagon blew up overnight.

Of course, Pentagon has sadly lost a member, but they’re still an incredible group. They have superb vocalists, talented dancers, and amazing visuals. Even though I miss standing them every day like I used too, I know that I can always return and every comeback since then will be just as great as the last one I listened to.

Are you into Pentagon? When did you start listening to them? What is your favorite song? Let me know in the comments!

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