I resisted calling myself a ReVeluv for a long time. I didn’t feel like I’d earned it and I didn’t want to include myself in a community that I wouldn’t actually know anything about. Then I realized I was always anticipating their comebacks, watching all their live stages, and reviewing all their albums. So I figured I’d earned the right to call myself a ReVeluv.

I heard about Red Velvet for ages because of my best friend. She was the one who was into Red Velvet from the get-go and she tried to get me into them, but I just could not bring myself to listen to them. It was one of those weird things where I thought they were way too popular to be as good as people said they were.

But then I stopped being an idiot and started listening to their songs and realized that I loved their music. They made the kind of songs that were weird in a way that worked and wormed themselves into your head.

I was immediately drawn to Irene but I understood how people could be obsessed with any of them. I liked the way that she acted as a mother figure for the other members and I loved their chemistry as a group. I remember watching them do double-timed dances on Weekly Idol and being blown away at their talent. They were able to work together even in the oddest of scenarios and I respected that.

But what I love best about Red Velvet is that they always deliver something interesting and different. They stay on-brand without sounding the same over and over and I always look forward to their comebacks.

What is your favorite Red Velvet song? Do you consider yourself a ReVeluv? Let me know in the comments!

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