This was easily the toughest decision I had to make when I was planning this challenge. There are so many good groups and solo artists that start with the letter S: Suran, SISTAR, Stellar, SHINee, Sam Kim…but in the end I had to choose. I chose Seventeen not just because I probably have the most to say about them but also because I’ve talked in depth about SISTAR and SHINee in the past but I haven’t given Seventeen the same treatment.

I found Seventeen not long after I found BTS and EXO. I listened to Mansae and I instantly knew that I was going to be obsessed. I listened to Adore U and anxiously awaited their next album while watching old videos of them.

I kept up with their comebacks because I was so impressed with their choreography. Honestly, to this day, I still can’t believe that there are thirteen members and they are always perfectly in sync. Their choreography is always complex and intricate and incorporates every single member and yet it is always totally original.

But what you can see in their choreography extends to them in general and that is this: THEY ARE SUPER TALENTED. They work really hard at everything they do and they never half-ass anything. That’s why every comeback of theirs is so iconic and memorable.

Are you into Seventeen? Which is your favorite comeback? Which unit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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