This was the first girl group I found before they debuted. I remember being subscribed to the JYP channel and seeing the teasers for the members. At the time, I had no idea that JYP was working on a girl group and I didn’t follow the updates until the actual music video was released.

I was immediately on board. They didn’t have complicated choreography or particularly impressive vocals but what they did have was an unbelievably catchy song. Whether you loved or hated Twice, you couldn’t deny that JYP had all but mastered the ability to create hit.

And that’s what they did. Time after time. Every single they had came with iconic dance moves that everyone could copy and custom outfits that made everyone want to revamp their closet. They toed the line between staying on-brand with their comebacks and doing something different and exciting.

A lot of people hopped on the TWICE bandwagon after Fancy because they insisted that they finally respected them for doing a sexy/edgy concept. However, TWICE has been successful and talented.

TWICE is getting ready for a comeback soon and I already know, without having listened to it, that I’m going to love it. Because TWICE is iconic in their own right.

Which TWICE comeback is your favorite? Do you have a TWICE bias? Let me know in the comments!

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