I don’t talk enough about VIXX largely because I’m not a huge fan of how they have treated their own members in the past. However, their songs are undeniable bops and they have a unique appeal that makes their comebacks irresistible.

I first came across VIXX randomly. I can’t quite remember the exact playlist, but I remember Chained Up playing and me thinking that they were so much better than I gave them credit for.

I watched a couple of dramas that the members were in and I wasn’t super impressed with their acting abilities. To be fair, it’s rare that an idol whose primary profession is music is actually good at acting. Most of the time, they do a passable job and we cheer them on and hope that, with enough time, they’ll improve.

But their acting really wasn’t important to me because it was their concepts that I was obsessed with. Even though many idols have made use of chokers, VIXX really made chokers part of their iconic look. They have a dark, edgy vibe that they carry through all their comebacks without sounding the same each time.

What is your favorite VIXX song? Have you seen any of the dramas that the members have been in? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I was actually thinking about, and listening to, VIXX this morning! They were my main group at one point (my kpop main group journey: EXO -> VIXX -> GOT7) but I disengaged a lot during that era that the colorism got so bad that fans literally wrote up a petition about it. Even though I quit following their variety/etc, I always check in on their music because it almost never disappoints (well, I wasn’t a fan of the Greek mythology era) and not being able to see them live is one of my top K-pop regrets.

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