There have been a lot of powerhouse girl groups on this challenge but there are none quite like WJSN. I’ve followed them since before their debut since I was subscribed to the Starship channel. I was immediately drawn to the spacey theming of their group stats and I was really excited about their first single.

WJSN is one of those girl groups that is overtly and embracingly girly. Their singles are all very similar in sound but not so much that you get bored and they do the same thing with their outfits. Only recently have they gotten a tiny bit edgier but still not enough to make them go off-brand.

I think their most successful singles are the ones that stick to that spacey, Sailor-Moon-esque aesthetic. They have a drama that makes you want to sing along with enough nostalgia to make you wish you were little again.

Every once in a while they try to do a summer bop and, while I love them too, there’s something comforting and lovely about the singles they create for their typical comeback.

What’s your favorite WJSN song? Do you have a bias? Do their songs make you think of Sailor Moon or is that just me? Let me know in the comments!

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