I can’t believe we’re finally here at the end of the road (cue the Boyz II Men). For a moment, I really wasn’t sure who I would choose for this last, very important letter but ultimately I picked Zion.T because I think he’s an incredible artist who’s doing something entirely unlike anything else in K-pop.

I first heard of Zion.T before I listened to Zion.T. My best friend has been stanning him for ages and she would always talk about his latest single or his intense friendship with Crush or his bizarre presence on Show Me the Money. Then, Jungkook forced me to care about him.

Like everyone else, I was thrilled to see Jungkook performing with his idol and I immediately fell in love with the song and with Zion.T’s lovely voice enough that I wanted to explore deeper. I’m not sure how long it took me to actually listen to Zion.T song but I do remember it was Eat and it was one of the most comforting songs I’d ever heard. It made me calm and less lonely and happy all at once and I loved him for it.

I took it upon myself to keep an eye out for Zion.T songs and now there’s quite a few songs of his that I love. Which honestly just goes to show that you shouldn’t shut yourself off to new possibilities.

Do you listen to Zion.T? What’s your favorite song of his? Let me know in the comments!

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