I can’t rank the intros without also doing the outros. In many ways, this ranking was much harder than the intros. I have such a personal attachment to the outros and it was so difficult to say one was better than the other. Honestly, read this list as an ever-shifting blob.

10. Outro: Luv in Skool

I’m gonna be real honest: I almost never listen to this song. It takes a lot of effort for me to remember what it sounds like. It’s not bad, necessarily, but I just don’t really have as much of an attachment to it as I do with the other songs.

9. Outro: Tear

I know some people are going to be mad at me for putting this song so low on the list, but there are so many other ones that I listen to way more often and that have much more emotional significance. I still respect it and how it always delivers.

8. Outro: Circle Room Cypher

This is a classic song. This is peak Bangtan and I love it, but I honestly don’t listen to this album or this track nearly as much as I do with the other songs. Still, I know this is a part of where we came from and I respect how far we’ve come.

7. Outro: Her

I love this song but I don’t listen to it nearly as much as I should. I feel like this song needs to be listened to in a particular mood and I’m not always in that perfect mood.. That said, it’s still an exceptional song and it deserves respect.

6. Outro: House of Cards

Despite the fact that this song is on every single YouTube fan fiction, I still love it. I love that it sounds sexy but it is actually depressing because that is truly an aesthetic that I can aspire to. This song makes me want to listen to it when it’s raining.

5. Dionysus

This song goes off. HARD. You listen to this song and it makes your blood pressure rise and you get caffeine jitters without having had any coffee. Even though it’s not technically labeled as an outro, it still is the absolute best way to end an already incredible album.

4. Outro: Propose

Outro: Propose is sexy but it has no reason to be. I love screaming along with the lyrics when I listen to it in the car even though I know it’s a little ridiculous. Still, I think this song really set the bar for vocal line’s outros.

3. Outro: Do You Think It Makes Sense?

My best friend once said that this song is the one that she wished Yoongi would sing to her on the beach to profess his love. And honestly, I get it. This track is sexy, it’s fun, and it perfectly encompasses Dark & Wild.

2. Outro: Wings

Don’t tell me you don’t love this song. This is peak Wings era and it makes you hype and sad all at the same time. I remember hearing this live and it was an unmatched experience. I had such an incredible time and it was just because the song completely overtook me.

1. Outro: Love Is Not Over

This song is everything I’ve ever loved about Bangtan and it is such a definitive part of my college experience. I love the absolute beauty of vocal line’s voices and the lyrics and the beat and the final, simple sound of Jungkook’s last words. This song is fantastic and it is easily one of my favorite BTS songs in general.


  1. What a great ranking list! I’ll be completely honest with you – never actually knew what ‘Outro’ meant. I mean, when I think of it, it makes sense. Why I knew what ‘Intro’ meant and not ‘Outro’ – I guess I’m a little slow. 🙂 Dionysus is probably one of my current, favorite songs of BTS. And I’ll always love Tear and House of Cards.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tear is my favorite because it does have a very strong emotional significance for me. I had a former coworker, who was a role model and becoming a new friend, reject and ostracize me. I don’t see her anymore, but that song captures the waves of anger and sadness that I feel so beautifully. I feel understood. I also love Serendipity, Dionysus and House of Cards!

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