I’ll admit: it’s not often that a non-Kpop artist gets me this excited, but Niki is special. I found her a couple weeks ago when YouTube recommended her visualizer for Lowkey to me. I watched it and was instantly in love. You may know her as a friend of Blackpink’s Jennie and Rosé (or you may not know her at all but you definitely should), but she’s amazing in her own right.

Niki is an R&B artist from Indonesia and she writes and produces all of her songs. She’s under the label 88 Rising, which you may know as the one that houses Rich Brian and Joji as well as the hosts of the festival Head in the Clouds, which features Jackson Wang from GOT7 and iKON.

Frankly, I’ve given the other artists on the label a listen and none of them strike me as much as Niki does. She draws inspiration from 90s hip hop artists, but her sound is entirely her own.

In the time since I’ve found Niki, she’s released a brand new EP and a promotional single for her label. Both of these are truly incredible pieces of work and they demonstrate just how much range she has in her musical styles.

Take a look at this recent music video of her and see for yourself what she’s capable of!


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