Rumors & Jealousy in K-Pop: Why Your Idol Doesn’t Owe You Anything

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I know the title of this post is strong, but so are my current feelings about the way that ARMYs have handled a recent rumor that sprung up on the internet. If you hadn’t heard about the whole thing with Jungkook and the tattoo artist, it basically boils down to this: Jungkook took a picture with a woman and he put his arm around her (for the picture, you know, the way that humans do) and people lost their minds.

Setting aside the fact that the woman in question is married and that Jungkook literally only took a picture with her, he is also a grown-ass man. He can make his own decisions and date, hang out with, and take pictures with whoever he wants. This whole notion that Jungkook–or any other idol–owes their fans their devotion is ludicrous.

The whole thing reminds me of the incident with Hoseok’s sister. A while back, Hobi’s sister used to post pictures of him and her when they hung out together on her Instagram. One time, her friend attended one of BTS’s concerts and she subsequently posted a picture on her Instagram while Hobi’s sister posted her own picture with Hobi on hers. Fans flooded both pictures with negative, heinous comments literally only because Hobi had taken a picture with them. And that was just his sister. She hasn’t posted any pictures of him since.

I shouldn’t have to see people acting like children and treating the idols they claim to care about like toys. They are human beings and they are allowed to lead their own lives however they choose. If people genuinely cared about them, they would just congratulate them for having friends, and when the time comes, an actual partner.

1 comments on “Rumors & Jealousy in K-Pop: Why Your Idol Doesn’t Owe You Anything”

  1. I feel so bad for this woman and for Jungkook. The hate and harassment she must have recieved. The ARMY who reacted badly and spread the rumors went too far. They are playing with people’s lives. That’s just not right. 😦

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