Hey everyone! I have a review of the new TWICE comeback coming up, but I was scrolling through Twitter and I realized there is so much content to sift through to find funny stuff if you don’t follow the right people–especially if you aren’t even on Twitter to begin with.

That said, I wanted to start this series (loosely based off the many similar Buzzfeed posts) so that you can be in on the latest news, memes, and viral videos in the world of K-pop. If you see something hilarious, send me a link and follow me on Twitter at @whereyoufrommp3.

1. This one where Changkyun was too relatable

2. This one where Chungha was Not the One

3. This one where user @EUPHORIBTS read your mind

4. This one where Dahyun was fearless

5. This one where Taemin was recognized as the king he is

6. This one that knew about my Sunday cleaning playlist

7. This one that could start fan wars in an instant

8. This one that took an old meme and gave it new life

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