I feel like this is such a lazy post, but I wanted to share at least something with you all to start off this month. I’ve been watching Feel Special on repeat since it came out but I can’t find it in me to listen to the whole album and do a review. I also wanted to do a lookbook for fall based on some of my fave comebacks (BTS Run, Red Velvet Peekaboo, Twice TT, etc.) but those take time and research and I just honestly haven’t the focus the last couple of days to really work on a blog post.

That said, I love this community and I don’t want to ghost again like I did last year. So I figured I would post something, even if it’s just my thoughts.

Have any of you had those days where you want to accomplish something but you just don’t have the willpower to do it? Like, it’s not even that you’re too exhausted but you just can’t wrap your mind around the task long enough to actually do it? I can’t quite verbalize what it’s like but it’s the weirdest sort of unproductiveness. Anyway, I hope I’ll be back to normal soon! Thanks for sticking by me all this time. ❤

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  1. I’m going through that now. It’s been like this for all of September and into October. I am zapped of energy. Burnt out. It might be SAD – along with my doctor I’m trying to figure it out. *Sigh*

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