TXT Coming Back in October, But Is BTS Close Behind?

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Up until a few days ago, pretty much everyone was talking about BTS making an October comeback in the hopes that they would bring back a Blood, Sweat, & Tears-style era for Halloween. However, BigHit just dropped two teaser videos and confirmed TXT’s comeback for October 21st. So what does that mean? Will we have to wait it out for BTS to come back?

My guess is: probably not. Even though BigHit wouldn’t want to detract attention from TXT’s comeback, they also know that their money maker is BTS. Given their recent return from hiatus and the fact that the boys have been so active on social media, they have to be getting ready for a comeback soon enough.

I don’t want to pretend to know anything about when they’re gonna return but it makes sense for them to drop a new EP sometime soon since year-end show season is right around the corner.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if BigHit started dropping trailers tomorrow. They love to do things without any warning and shock you into pre-ordering. It’s a fair tactic because it works every time.

In any case, while you’re waiting out the new BTS track, you should check out TXT and consider downloading/buying their album when it drops. Check out the concept trailer here!

1 comments on “TXT Coming Back in October, But Is BTS Close Behind?”

  1. I agree with you – it doesn’t make sense to prolong BTS’ comeback so some teasers coming our way within the next couple of weeks is very probable. They also just finished their docu-series on Weverse and just announced releasing the Bring the Soul movie for purchase on Weverse October 8th. After that, there’s nothing left by a comeback in my mind.

    The TXT performance video was pretty good! Their music is really not my style but I have to say from day 1, what I noticed about them is how precise and in-sync they are with their dancing. Very impressive!


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