I’ve been following the 88rising YouTube channel for a while now, ever since I was recommended Niki’s “lowkey” visualizer a couple months ago. I tried to listen to the label’s other artists, but I just wasn’t a fan of their sound. That said, I was immediately drawn by the teaser that featured Chung Ha, of all people.

The song finally dropped today and I was so blown away. Not only is the song actually catchy and fun to listen to, it’s also amplified in awesomeness by Chung Ha’s vocals.

It’s also got a simple and almost forgettable detail that made me incredibly happy. Chung Ha does her version of the chorus near the end of the song and she beautifully sings,

“I can be your baby tonight,
You can be my lady tonight.”

It’s a small thing, but in a world where people change the pronouns in covers to avoid looking like they might be gay, I love the idea of Chung Ha singing her chorus without changing the words (She also, honestly, sang the better version of the chorus).

Anyway, if you want to listen to Rich Brian and Chung Ha’s song, check it out below!

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