Album or Nah: October 2019 Edition


Hey friends! I have been super busy with about a million side projects (I got into embroidery, sewing, I started writing a novel, I’m applying to grad school, etc…) so I kind of let my blog fall by the wayside but I couldn’t stay away too long. Why? Because it’s comeback season! Which means there’s comebacks left and right and it’s time to play catch up before awards season is under way.

TXT – Run Away

I read a tweet that said that BTS paved the way but TXT was the only one on the road and if nothing made me believe that before, this definitely did. Run Away is an example of how TXT is working to ensure that they are not just boys riding off the coattails of BTS’s fame. They are talented and creative artists in their own right and they are growing with each comeback.

Would I listen to the album? Yes! Without a second thought.

Yubin – 무성영화

The queen is BACK. I love that Yubin tackles such different genres in her music. She loves to experiment and try new things that still feel authentically hers and this was no exception. I won’t lie: nothing beats Lady to me because I happen to love City Pop but this was still an excellent comeback track.

Would I listen to the album? Are you kidding? I’ve been waiting for this.

GOT7 – You Calling My Name

Me? Reviewing GOT7? It sounds like a miracle but I was feeling particularly nostalgic and generous towards my former ult group so I listened to this latest comeback with an open mind. I was super impressed by what they delivered. This song is nothing like that weird trap phase that they went through and it highlights their vocals really beautifully.

Would I listen to the album? Shockingly, yes. They’re really bringing it back and I’m really impressed.

Brown Eyed Girls – Wonder Woman

I had no idea what to expect going into this because I’ve never really listened to the Brown Eyed Girls before. That said, I think I kind of love this song. It had no definitive chorus that I could see, it just eased through from part to part in this vaguely unsettling way. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it but at the end I felt like I’d just witnessed art in motion. Also, the music video is incredible.

Would I listen to the album? Yes? I’m still confused but I also feel like they’re geniuses.

WayV – Moonwalk

This song sounded like an EXO song if EXO still had the original EXO-M lineup. And I mean that in the most positive way. It was so good and, even though my initial reaction was to not like it, I ended up loving it so much. There’s something about the urgency of the song that made it all the more complex and fun to listen to.

Would I listen to the album? Yeah! I think WayV is the best thing NCT ever did to be honest.

Monsta X – Follow

I haven’t listened to Monsta X in a while and I missed them. But boy, did they deliver. This song popped OFF. It was a little more busy than I typically like my songs, but they executed it in a really great way. I think they really have to thank vocal line for their consistency and oh my GOD, did I love I.M.’s verse. It was just an excellent song all around.

Would I listen to the album? Yes!!! This song reminded me of why I’m a MonBebe for life.


I am not a fan of this comeback. I have to be honest and say that I started losing interest in WINNER after Taehyun left but I stayed around because the music that they were making, though it was different, was still really good. Slowly, though, I feel like the songs are just becoming slightly different versions of the ones before them. They don’t feel like they’re doing anything new or exciting. That said, Mino’s line about her being picky and him being a snack was straight BARS.

Would I listen to the album? Probably not. Sadly.

4 comments on “Album or Nah: October 2019 Edition”

  1. Yay! You’re Yay or Nay! 🙂

    I.M.’s part in Follow is my favorite part. But I’m still having trouble with the whole song. I am allowing time to see if it will grow on me. I have yet to listen to the rest of the album but I will.

    WayV is definitely my favorite NCT sub-unit so far. I really like Moonwalk and the rest of the album is pretty good! Finally an NCT group I can get on-board with! I bought their full album – I’ve never done that for any other NCT groups,

    I was surprised how much I liked You Calling My Name by GOT7. Their track Crash and Burn is also really good – it might be my favorite from their new album.

    TXT’s Run Away – Ahh… I am so happy for them! They definitely got my attention with this song. It’s so vibrant and while a continuation of their own sound it is also at a higher level. I have been listening to this track over and over again you’d think I’d be sick of it but I’m not. I can’t believe they debuted earlier this year.

    My only other favorite is (G)I-dle’s LION. Hear them roar!

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  2. I loved Run Away and the rest of the album. Moonwalk was amazing and the album was pretty solid…Love Talk is my jam. You Calling My Name is perfection, I haven’t liked any Got7 comebacks in a few years but this one hits. The rest of the album tho…I didn’t like. SoSo is spectacular…I almost always love Winner’s comebacks and this one is a piece of art. The rest of the album is just ok to me tho.

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