This is such an indulgent post but I was thinking about the sexiest live stages that I’d ever watched and I realized that many of the ones that I was thinking of were actually SHINee performances. Because the fact of the matter is: SHINee is sexy. So here are my top five SHINee performances. If you have any that I missed or you disagree with my ranking, let me know in the comments!

5. View – KBS Music Bank 20150626

I live and breathe for SHINee in tank tops. Project the image of Minho’s strong, muscular arms onto my tombstone so that I may gaze it for all eternity. Not only is View one of the greatest tracks of all time period, but this performance is just a reminder of how SHINee can transcend literally any genre and make it sexy.

4. Prism – M Countdown 20161006

I think I’ve already expressed just how much of an impact this album has had on my life, but this stage is straight-up one of the best things I’ve ever laid eyes on. The sweaters, the hair, the choreo all equal GENIUS. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Minho’s V neck since I watched this stage. I picture their little hip swish in my sleep. This stage has haunted me in the best possible way.

3. Hallelujah – Show Music Core 20150207

Listen up, ladies. Now it should be no surprise that a Jonghyun solo track is on this list because the man was sex incarnate. Literally every one of his songs could be listened to with a glass of Chardonnay and a silk slip. He’s just That Sexy. I have watched this stage so many times and each time I am transported. What a gift.

2. Ace – Show Champion 20140820

I know this is a Taemin song, not a SHINee song, but have you seen this stage? Because if you haven’t, you are missing out on one of the greatest things that Taemin has ever given us. I do not exaggerate when I say that this performance shaped me as a person. Watch this and try not to hit that replay button.

1. Odd Eye – Inkigayo 20150621

This performance is a gift. The all-black fits, the eyepatch on Key, the Greek columns–all of it is perfect. I remember watching this performance for the first time and feeling like it was a revelation. This live stage allowed us to see SHINee in their natural states: as untouchable gods gracing us with their beauty and sex-appeal.

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