With all the hysteria around the coronavirus, there has been a lot of talk about the upcoming BTS tour and whether they will have to cancel. At first, it was just talk–a niggling thought in someone’s mind that they posted on Twitter to vent their concerns, but now it’s becoming more and more real.

AB6IX recently announced the cancellation of their tour through the Powerhouse Live twitter (I went to link the tweet and the post had been deleted but fans who purchased tickets to the shows received an email stating that the tour was going to be postponed indefinitely due to the increase in coronavirus cases.

While the coronavirus has a low fatality rate, it has caused quite scare and this has been enough to make companies put extraneous measures in place to handle people’s compulsion to stay indoors. Royal Caribbean is offering free cancelations for certain cruises scheduled for this summer and various airlines are limiting flights in and out of highly affected areas.

What does this mean for our boys? Well, we have to contend with the fact that we may have a tour cancellation on our hands. While nothing has been said by BigHit yet, fans should be prepared either way. It is completely okay to be disappointed should that happen, but keep in mind that if they do it, they are doing it for us and our safety.

Also, should it get cancelled, no one will be more disappointed than the boys, so be sure to send them positive messages and show them why they appreciate us so much.

I’ll be keeping you all posted with any news!

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  1. I will be deeply sad for BTS, ARMY and myself. My daughter and I have tickets to both shows end of May in Toronto and my husband is joining us on the 2nd night (he’s never seen them live and I was looking forward to experiencing his first time at a BTS concert with him).

    Having said that, it is what it is. It will be a global need to help contain the virus from spreading, especially to the more vulnerable parts of the population. I am prepared if they decide to cancel/postpone the world tour.

    Last weekend I received an email from Ticketmaster stating (G)I-dle’s world tour will be postponed (we had tickets for early May) due to ‘unforeseen events’ – they offered customers the chance for a refund but I am going to just see how it plays out first. Maybe the postponed dates won’t be so bad and we’ll finally get to see them live! Anyway – the email did not link it to the coronavirus but I my guess is that’s at least one of the reasons.

    We also have ultimate VIP tickets to see Monsta-X in mid-June. I actually don’t have much hopes for the COVID-19 clearing up enough by then either.

    It’s out of hands and all we can do is just wait for further information. Until then, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

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