If you read my recent post on all things Hobicore then you know that J-Hope’s cheerful and colorful aesthetic is my inspiration for my concert outfit. After getting my earrings for the concert in the mail, I realized that it would be cute to create some bracelets like the ones Hoseok wears in the Outro: Ego MV.

I studied Pinterest extensively (because that’s who I am now apparently) and rewatched the MV in the name of research and decided on my materials. Then, after some trial and error with some design attempts, I created my finished product!

I kind of fell in love with the process while I was making them so I’ve decided to sell them on Etsy. I’d love for it to be a unifying thing that ARMYs can wear to the concerts since they’re so bright and colorful. I thought about giving them away but I want to continue making them for a long time so I have to make sure that I cover the expense of the bracelets, but if you’re interested in having a cute, BTS themed accessory (or another K-pop group–they’re personalized!) please consider checking out my Etsy store!

They’re made with stainless steel bands and higher quality beads because I wanted it to be a little more durable than the ones you made as a kid but I still wanted to keep that cute youthfulness that is so quintessential to Hobicore.

If you’re interested in learning more about them, check out the link below!

SupplementaryStoried on Etsy

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