I was inspired to write this post after watching TagBackTV’s tour of an Orbit’s island. In the video, he tours a LOONA city themed island with so much attention to detail that I had to believe that it was not the only island out there like it.

If you are unfamiliar with Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest iteration of the Nintendo classic game exclusively available for the Switch and Switch Lite. In it, players can build their own island, carving out rivers and cliffs and decorating them with custom paths, patterns, and tons of furniture. It is a game that allows immense room for creativity and fans keep consistently pushing the boundary, building makeshift cruise ships, holding weddings, and even running exclusive trading rings on their islands.

So it’s no surprise that K-pop fans have been creating some truly impressive stuff.

Just take a look at this LOONA-themed island. To include not only the LOONA logo but the stage outfits as well as all the butterfly touches is genius and incredibly well-done. I love the way they laid out their streets and the grandeur of the entrance to their island is truly unmatched.

Now, I made a post yesterday bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t go to see BTS on my originally scheduled date (three days from now) but these players have done some creative problem solving and made their own BTS concerts on their islands, complete with merch stands, lighting, seats, and more.

Have you seen a K-pop themed island on Twitter or have you made one of your own? I would love to see it! Send me pictures on Twitter or maybe I could do some island tours!

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