I’ve done a lot of recommending on this blog and I’ve done more than my fair share of relaxing K-pop song playlists. But sometimes I need something a little different. When I’m studying or writing or even just enjoying time alone, I like to have a playlist in the background that sets the mood without distracting me. For those times, I have these playlists. Their curators carefully select each song to fit a vibe or a mood and they title it so that you know exactly what you can expect. If you’re looking for something to help soothe you as you find stuff to do around the house or something to keep you focused as you work from home, check out these lists.

This is more of a mainstream playlist, but it’s a wonderful one. The addition of Jay Park, Hoody, and Sik-K can help you bridge the gap if you’ve never really gotten into Krnb before, and you’ll find yourself loving the other songs without even noticing.

This guy is the MASTER of creating amazing playlists and this is one I return to time and time again. When I first listened to this playlist, I fell in love with rosy and immediately listened to everything else of hers but she’s not the only gem on this incredible soothing mix.

Sometimes I want something a little brighter and cheerier, I turn to this playlist. I’ve listened to it so many times while writing in the early morning, and I love that it features one of my favorite underground Khiphop artists, RHEEHAB. Relief, the channel behind this playlist, has excellent mixes that feel like sunlit bedrooms and chill mornings.

This is a relatively new addition to my playlist rotation, but I’m always on board for any playlist that features Half Moon by Dean. There are a couple of other big names on the playlist like Giriboy, Gray, and Leehi, which makes it a great list to turn to when you want something you can hum to while you’re focused on something else.

Nothing says calm music quite like Summer Soul and this playlist has not one but FIVE of her songs. Even if Summer Soul isn’t your thing, there are plenty of songs on here that are perfect for a lazy day, a rainy day, or even just a quiet afternoon with a good book.

This is such an excellent combination of artists. SLCHLD, Rosy, Dean, and Offonoff on the same playlist? Legendary. It’s crazy to believe there is so much talent on Soundcloud just waiting to be compiled into playlists like this one for us to enjoy.

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