It is no secret that I love Oh My Girl. When I was planning a look book for this spring, I realized that most of the looks (well, all of the looks that immediately came to mind anyway) were from Oh My Girl’s latest comeback. So I decided to do an Oh My Girl look book based off Nonstop. All of the girls had incredible looks but here I’ve selected my favorites. All of these items are available on YesStyle (I’m not sponsored, I promise!) and linked in this post.

If you like this type of post, let me know in the comments! I would love to do more album-specific look books, especially since so many girl groups have such amazing comeback outfits.


Purple Cropped Cardigan– This comes close in color to the one she’s wearing, but it has a lighter material so you can wear it in the spring and summer time without feeling overheated.

Plaid Cropped Camisole– This cami isn’t quite like the one she’s wearing, but it looks a little more comfortable and sensible.

High-Waisted Pleated Mini Skirt– This skirt is almost identical to the one she’s wearing. I can’t vouch for its comfort, but I can tell you your waist will look amazing.


Cropped Floral Top– This top is similar in color but it has a ruched torso that will hug your body a little more than the one she’s wearing.

High-Waisted Cropped Jeans– I actually love the combination of that cropped shirt and those 90s mom jeans and this one comes very close.

Plaid Headband– This is another similar but not quite match to finish off the whole look.


Floral Blazer– This blazer is not the perfect white with beautiful pink flowers that Mimi is wearing, but that was probably custom for OMG, so this one is a close second.

Cropped Camisole– Trying to find a camisole that had the same shape as hers was immensely difficult but I think this one is so cute that it would work with this outfit perfectly anyway.

High-Waisted Wide Leg Pants– These pants are probably significantly more see-through than hers, but I prefer a lighter fabric for pants like these anyway, and you can always cover up with a pair of skin-colored Spanx.

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