This is the first song that comes up on my phone when I look at the songs that I own, so it’s hard to forget that it exists. It was also one of the first K-pop songs that I really enjoyed. I’ve talked in the past about how GOT7 was my first K-pop group, so I had the pleasure of really getting to know K-pop through their music. In fact, when I first become a fan of theirs, they had just finished up Just Right era (arguably their best era) and I was so impressed by their range.

A is such an interesting song because it really is GOT7 at their absolute best. It’s fun and bright and filled with lots of opportunities for vocal line to shine. It feels like summertime and soda and good friends and a million other lovely things.

The music video is also super fun despite the fact that Mark has the worst hair that he’s had in any GOT7 comeback. I love seeing them chase after Sana, and the choreography has the upbeat quality of the song without being distractingly complicated. It reminds me of simpler times in the best way.

What song did you think of for the letter A? Let me know in the comments!

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