How could you not like WJSN? From the moment they stepped on the scene, they have been the perfect K-pop girl group. Each of their songs is so distinctly linked to their aesthetic that there is no denying that it is one of their songs. The best way to describe them is to think of Sailor Moon and pastel space princesses. They make me wish I was a really cute superhero and I love it.

Dreams Come True is one of the best examples of that. It fits their entire narrative aesthetic perfectly without feeling repetitive, and it has this melancholic quality to it that makes the song dramatic without slowing it down.

Setting that aside, it also has killer choreography. There are thirteen members in WJSN (when they’re all there, that is) and they make use of that by doing a lot of really cool formations. I love the way they utilize this during the chorus.

What song did you think of for the letter D? Have you checked out WJSN (if not, you should)? Let me know in the comments!

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