It’s been a few days but I’m back! And with a killer track, too. (Don’t think I’m ignoring Agust D, I’ll be doing a review soon) Energetic is one of those songs that I just did not even expect. I remember stumbling across it when I was doing a deep dive of K-Pop fan quiz videos on YouTube and someone had used Energetic as the intro song to the video. Immediately, I knew the song was special and I stopped what I was doing to go watch the MV and listen to the song for real.

What I found was a new obsession. Wanna One was a short-lived but truly special follow-up to I.O.I. I watched their reality show, and I was taken with their personalities and all their lovely little interactions. I was also instantly in love with Ha Sungwoon, who is not only super cute but is also tight with Jimin and all the other pouty lipped boys.

But beyond the visual appeal of the boys, I loved the vibe of the song. It had this electric quality that run through every part of the song from the moment they transitioned from the piano at the beginning. The dynamic choreography perfectly suited the pace of the song, and it was such an incredible introduction to an incredible group.

What song did you think of for the letter E? Have you heard Energetic? Did you stan Wanna One? Let me know in the comments!

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