What a truly iconic song. Luna is easily one of the most underrated artists in K-pop. When SM actually does open its dungeon doors and let her out, what she delivers is pure, sheer pop beauty with flowery, stunning vocals.

When they first announced that Luna was getting a solo comeback, I recall being thrilled that I would get to see her shine in her own spotlight. It’s no secret that SM treated f(x) and its members like absolute garbage so it was nice to see Luna get a chance to actually have something to promote.

The song itself was quintessential Luna. The iconic synth 80s vibe, the catchy chorus, the beat that made you wanna get up and move–it was perfect. The music video only served to solidify Luna’s position as Queen with an unforgettable blend of impeccable choreography and beautiful animation. Plus, you can’t forget Luna’s DHL shirt which arguably changed K-pop fashion as we knew it in 2016.

It’s honestly a shame that Luna had to suffer at such an uncaring and unprofessional company who couldn’t see all the talent she had to offer, but I know she’s better off anyway.

What song did you think of for the letter F? Do you love Luna (if so, you should follow her on Instagram)? What do you think of this iconic track? Let me know in the comments!

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