THIS SONG. I feel like I never shut up about songs I’m passionate about and this is one of them. I have listened to this song a million times and it never stops disappointing. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this song changed the landscape of K-pop. Does it get enough credit? Absolutely not. Was it appreciated in its time? Not even close.

Night Rather Than Day honestly was the song that convinced me that EXID was worth listening to. Before this song came out, I was unimpressed with their range. They were clearly following a set pattern with their songs and it was starting to sound repetitive and not at all interesting. Enter: Night Rather Than Day.

From what I understand, this song came about as a solution to the fact that they lost Solji to surgery. They needed a track that would accentuate their other members. It was a song that didn’t require power vocals but still sounded unique and incredible. This song was all about the vibe and that’s what made it work.

Sometimes when I think of this song it makes me think of city pop but it’s not quite. I think it draws on that for inspiration because city pop is all about city nightlife and songs that make you wanna drive to a club just so you can drive home in the middle of the night. This song follows that trail but creates its own sound. Will I ever shut up about it? No.

What do you think of Night Rather Than Day? What song did you think of for the letter N? Let me know in the comments!

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