Oh, Winner at their prime. Taehyun had just the group and there was an expectation that the music wouldn’t be as good. I mean, that’s what I thought anyway. I knew that Taehyun held the key to Winner’s sad pop indie aesthetic and without him there was a good chance that they would sound very different.

And I was right. Really Really was unlike anything the group had put out until that point. It positioned them more into hip hop and abandoned the garage band thing they’d been doing with Exit: E. I honestly thought it was going to be terrible.

I’m so happy I was wrong. Really Really is definitely different than anything that Winner made when they still had Taehyun but it’s incredible in its own right. They gave the two rappers the main stage and allowed the vocalists to be cool and just a tiny bit badass.

Much like every other Winner song, the choreo is more synchronized swaying and light cardio than actual dancing but they didn’t necessarily need it with everything else the song had going for it. It was a change of pace for the boys and it showed they still had a lot to offer even if it was just the four of them.

What do you think of Really Really? Is that the song that came to mind for the letter R? What’s your favorite Winner comeback? Let me know in the comments!

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