So if y’all have been following my blog since at least last year, you’d know that my wife and I had been trying to have a baby. We actually started the whole process at the start of 2020 and had it delayed…a lot…by COVID. We did our first round of IUI (in utero insemination) in August and it unfortunately did not take. We tried again in September and that was the winner! I am pregnant!

I’m in my 20th week and after getting COVID (another story for another day) and having to reschedule my ultrasound, we FINALLY know the sex of our baby. We never really cared about what we had, we just wanted to be able to call the baby by their name rather than just Baby. But now we know and we’re having a little girl!

I took a LOT of comfort from hearing people’s stories online and being a part of TTC (trying to conceive) communities so if you’d like me to share my journey, I would more than happy to! I think, especially with same-sex couples who HAVE to go the assisted conception route, there’s a lot of worrying about which try will take and whether you should be medicated and what you should eat on the day of conception so it’s always a little relief to see someone else is going through the same thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that bit of news with you all! I still haven’t forgotten about my giveaway. I’m actually in the process of clearing out clutter to make room for the baby so it’s the perfect time to share some K-pop goodies with y’all!


  1. Aaahhhhh! Congratulations!!! I hope you are feeling good! I remember feeling a bit of relief after I got past my first trimester (I had all-day sickness) 🙂 This is such good news. And we all need good news these days for sure!

    My co-worker and her wife went through IUI plus fertility drugs and they got twins! TWICE! I think they are done with having anymore but hey – you never know! They both enjoy having a large family. Maybe four is not considered a big enough family for them! :p

    I’m so happy for you two!

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    • Thank you!! Yes, my first trimester was ROUGH. I ended up losing weight because I couldn’t keep anything down. But thankfully it’s been much smoother since then!

      That’s exactly why I didn’t want to do fertility drugs. I was so worried about getting a bunch of multiples already because they run in my family that I didn’t wanna add fuel to the fire. 😂


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