I know what you’re thinking “Girl, all you ever talk about is SHINee. I thought BTS was supposed to be your ult group?” and that is correct but also I firmly believe that every person should love SHINee. Not only are they crazy innovative, but everything they do is catchy and timeless.

View is the perfect example of that. This song was THE song of the summer during a summer where literally every song was flawless and it still managed to stand out. There isn’t one thing about this song that isn’t perfect. The choreography was so iconic that K-pop fans still remember how to do the shoulder shimmy. The music video was so aesthetically pleasing that it created a whole movement in K-pop. The song itself is synonymous with summer. I can’t listen to it without wishing there was a pool around for me to dive into.

Not to mention that View came from one of the most perfect albums ever. It held a consistent theme throughout without feeling like each song was the same.

On a more superficial note, the looks for View? True perfection. The tank tops and the bleached hair? The sporty boyfriend vibes? The toned arms and sweatbands? They inspired so many subsequent looks that every once in a while you’ll see a K-pop group and go “They’re definitely copying SHINee.”

How do you feel about View? Did you think of it for the letter V or did you have another song in mind? What’s your favorite SHINee song? Let me know in the comments!


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