Hey everyone! This post was inspired by two things. 1) I kept seeing these posts on Facebook that talked about all the cool things that you can buy on Amazon and I feel like that does nothing except give big corporations unnecessary extra advertising and 2) I love Etsy. I decided to scour Etsy for some really cute and memorable Kpop items that I thought you all would like. There is no paid promotion here, no one is sponsoring me, and no one has given me anything for free. I’m just a fan who wants to support makers build their careers. That said, you can find links to all the listings I mention by clicking on the pictures of the items or at the list at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

1. SHINee Water Bottle

SHINee Water Bottle  K-POP Water Bottles image 0

I fell in love with this pretty much the moment I saw it. I’m a big water drinker. In my house, we have dozens of reusable water bottles always filled up and ready to go, so I can appreciate a good water bottle. The design on this one is lovely and the color is so aesthetically pleasing. It holds 22 fluid oz. which is nice size and the reviews rave about the quality of the materials. If you’re not into SHINee (what is wrong with you), the shop also offers other groups like Stray Kids, Ateez, and BlackPink.

2. K-Pop Phone Case Decor Sticker Set

KPop Phone Case Decor Sticker Set Any K-pop member/ Kdrama image 0

You know those super cute mirror selfies that people take and you see their phone case and you wonder how they got all those stickers to match so well and how they got their photo card placement to look so effortless? Well, chances are these people shopped here. This store offers a set of stickers perfectly sized for a phone case and a custom printed photo card. There are three sticker themes to choose from: daytime, sunset, and midnight. The phone case is not included, but you’ll have everything else you need to upgrade your mirror selfies.

3. BTS Inspired Soy Candles

Home BTS Inspired Vanilla Chestnut Scented 9 oz 11 oz image 0

I think I was most excited about this shop. I LOVE candles. We have a bin full of candles and it never runs low because I am always on the hunt for a good candle. When I saw that there BTS inspired candles AND they were soy, I was sold. Soy, for non-aficionados, burns more cleanly than synthetic wax candles which make it better for people with allergies and asthma. This shop offers their candles in 9 oz and 11 oz sizes and each comes with a free tea candle sample of another scent. They have this Home candle, which sounds amazing, as well as Spring Day one. If those don’t suit you, they also have Ateez inspired candles and a TXT candle.

4. Euphoria T-Shirt

BTS Jungkook Euphoria T-Shirt  BTS Adult Unisex Shirt  BTS image 0

I’m a sucker for pretty, simple things and this is such a pretty and simple shirt. I love the color of the flowers and the way that it’s coordinated with the text. Reviews say that the quality of the fabric is great and the colors are vibrant. The shop offers sizes from XS to 2XL. If you’re not a fan of this particular design, the shop offers other BTS designs that also look gorgeous–I just couldn’t say no to flowers–and they apparently ship very fast.

5. Custom K-Pop Bias Earrings

CUSTOM K-Pop Bias Acrylic Earrings Clear Pink

These earrings are so cute and have this 90s aesthetic that I love. They are laser-cute acrylic earrings that come in over ten colors. You simply tell the shop which name you want cut into the earring and boom! Custom earrings with your bias on them. The earrings are two inches in size and the shop uses nickel-free silver hooks, and people LOVE them. The listing has over a hundred positive reviews from people raving about the quality and how adorable they look on. If you’re not a big earring person, the shop also has keychains with the same design.

6. Jelly Wallet & K-Pop Charm

kpop bts almost blue twinkle jelly wallet  acrylic glitter keyring + wallet

Remember how I said I loved this 90s aesthetic that’s making its way back? This wallet is ANOTHER beautiful example of that. The wallet itself is made out of squishy, glittery jelly material that is available in three colors. It comes with a glittery heart keychain made out of acrylic and can be customized to your favorite member or group. There are several listings like this one on Etsy, but what makes this one special is the custom heart keychain and the fact that shop offers discounts when you buy more than one item.

7. You Never Walk Alone Rose Gold Pin

PRE-ORDER YNWA Compass Rose Gold image 0

This thing is a work of art. It’s honestly truly stunning. The fact that it is a pin and some ornate painted glass window is crazy to me. It’s just so intricate! I love the glitter and the gemstones, and apparently I am not the only one. Nearly every review raves about how much more stunning the pin is in person (which I completely believe). The only downside is that shipping is a little finicky so it may take a while to get your pin. But looking at it now, it’s DEFINITELY worth it.

8. Jooncore Sticker Set

BTS RM Namjoon JoonCore Sticker Set image 0

There are few things in life I love more than stickers. I loved them when I was kid and I still love them now. Though I firmly believe in buying Kpop merch that actually serves a use in your life, I cannot resist stickers. These are designed by the shop owner, and they come in a pack that is straight-up adorable. I looked at every single sticker pack the shop offered and the Joon ones were easily my favorite but it was hard to pick. The stickers are printed on matte vinyl sticker paper which makes them perfect for phones or laptops, and the shop owner includes freebies with every order AND offers free shipping within the US.

9. Hobicore Journal Cover

Pre-Order: J-Hope Hobicore Hope World Planner Journal Binder image 0

I can’t stop staring at this journal cover. Why? BECAUSE IT IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. It is made with a leather-like material and includes gold binder rings to keep all your papers in one place. It even has a little spot for a photo card as well as several slots for business cards and other important things. The cover is currently in pre-order until the shop owner can get enough interest to start production at which point everyone’s cover will ship out. So if this adorable little journal cover calls out to you, get on it quick so you can be one of the first to receive it!

10. Hope World AirPods Case

PRE-ORDER RESTOCK hope world AirPods case please read image 0

Yes, yes, I know. Two J-Hope things in a row, but hear me out. I’ve been very into this clear/transparent theme that’s been getting more and more popular, and this AirPods case is the perfect example of that. It’s glittery, it comes with a cute charm, and it says “Hope World” on it. What more could you want? Unfortunately, the shop is all sold out of the regular AirPods case but they still have AirPods Pro cases available. I would act fast though! It looks like the shop has sold out completely before.





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