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So much of what we do every day is guided by our phones. When we get up, who we talk to, what appointments we go to, even how we interact with K-pop. Having the best K-pop apps means that you never miss out on something going on in the community and you might even make some amazing friends. These are by no means the only K-pop apps out there, but these are the ones that I love.

1. V Live

If you are unfamiliar with this app, one of the key things that draws fans to it is the live videos. Idols have the ability to create planned streams, upload pre-recorded videos, or stream live. To join, you create an account and select the idols that you are interested in. This will help you keep track of idols’ videos whenever they post. Idol pages have a Star Board (where idols can post), a Fan Board (where fans can post), and a chatroom where idols and fans can communicate. You can also purchase stickers and virtual light sticks in the idol store, and the more you interact with an idol, the higher your “Chemibeat” goes. Your Chemibeat shows up whenever you make a comment on a posted video, and higher Chemibeats stand out more to idols.

I have had V Live since 2016, and I have seen its many iterations and updates. My favorite part about it is the interactive quality; you really get the opportunity to do more than just watch a video or read a post, so you actually feel compelled to keep using the app. I’ll admit: the interface has shifted so much that it’s a little hard to navigate, but I’m sure part of that is just me being used to the old V Live. Regardless, it’s a staple of the K-pop community.

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2. Weverse

Oh, Weverse. Started by BigHit as a way for their artists to have an exclusive platform, it has expanded to include other idols as well. Weverse is similar in functionality to V Live in that it is a way for idols to talk to fans. As of right now, they have a good quantity of idols available to follow, though the list is not as extensive as the number of artists on V Live. That said, what they lack in numbers, they make up for in functionality. On Weverse, idols have the ability to make text posts and post stories as well as comment on fans’ posts. The wonderful thing about it is that you can receive notifications for all of these interactions. So if your favorite idol is on Weverse commenting on fans’ posts, you can be notified right away so you can get in on the action.

I downloaded Weverse pretty much when it came out, and I have used it mostly to see the interactions between the idols and the fans. I love seeing BTS going through fans’ funny posts and making comments about them. It’s a different kind of intimacy than having an idol reading through a super active chat on a live stream because they can take their time to select their favorite posts and reach out to fans that wouldn’t get the attention otherwise.

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3. Lysn

You can think of Lysn as a messaging board or forum for SM artists. Fans can create their own communities or register to join an idol’s official community. There, they can connect with other fans, share posts, and join fan chats. What makes Lysn unique is that you can participate in an extension of the app called “bubble.” bubble was created to be a 1:1 chat between the artists and the fans. To participate, you pay for “tickets.” With those, you can access the idols’ chats and respond in a 1:1 chat where the idol can read your message and reply to you directly. While idols aren’t guaranteed to reply to every message, you can still get notified when/if they read your messages.

I downloaded Lysn, but I’m not super active on it because I’m not a huge SM fan. However, I was super intrigued by bubble. I’ve seen a lot of fans who screenshot their chats with idols when they reply, and I was shocked that there was a service that let you speak to idols so directly. While I’m not a fan of the fact that you have to pay per artist, I suppose it’s a small price to pay if your favorite idol reaches actually responds.

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4. Twitter

I recognize that this is not an actual K-pop app, but I have to argue that it is such an important part of the community. Sure, there are lots of fans that congregate on Instagram and Facebook, but most of the idols have a Twitter account and use that account pretty frequently. There’s also such a large community of fans on the app, so you get to keep up with all of your friends on one platform–whether they are into K-pop or not. The other obvious advantage is that Twitter has immediacy. A lot of K-pop news gets disseminated on Twitter first, so you’re more likely to be in the know if you’re following the right accounts.

I have been on Twitter long before I was a K-pop fan, so I’m a little biased. Twitter has really risen in popularity in the last couple of years, and I think part of the reason for that is that most news ends up on there first. That said, it can be a little chaotic if you follow a lot of people, and sometimes you can lose track of what is going on if news traveling fast. Still, it’s all about curating the right timeline.

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5. theQoos

theQoos is such a unique app. They gather photos, videos, and more from across the web so you can access it all in one place. You can follow individual artists and see their posts from Twitter, articles written about them, etc. There’s also a ton of interactive features for fans to communicate with one another. For instance, fans can post polls for other fans to weigh in as well as quick quizzes to test your K-pop knowledge. You can also chat with other fans or join a group chat for your favorite groups. Interested in giveaways? theQoos has those too. You even have opportunities to interact directly with artists through fan Q&As.

I was so fortunate to have theQoos reach out to me because I am so impressed with this app. I’ve already entered giveaways, made posts, and joined communities. I love that everything is so user-friendly and accessible, and fans are so active so you never feel bored. I’m going to do more in-depth posts about theQoos because I really think there’s so much to talk about, but I highly recommend you download the app and see what they have to offer. After all, it’s free to join and I can be your first follower!

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