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Making friends in K-pop is something I’m very passionate about. It’s too easy to get lost in the obsession without them. Friends ground you, encourage you, make you feel loved and supported. That’s why it’s so important to have a place to stay connected and keep up with your K-pop friends.

A long time ago, I made a post about all the friendships I’d made through K-pop and how grateful I was to all the apps that had connected me and my friends. But times change and apps phase in and out of popularity and it’s never a bad idea to look for an app that will support all your needs in one place.

That’s why I love theQoos. It’s so hard to find an app that serves the dual purpose of keeping you updated with all your K-pop news and allows you to keep in touch with your friends. Twitter comes close, but you have to sift through hundreds of tweets about all different topics to find the ones that address your idols. PLUS you have to follow all the right accounts or you’ll miss something.

theQoos takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is select the artists that you want to follow and theQoos compiles all of the Twitter accounts, news updates, site updates, Weibo, etc. that address that artist. That means less searching for you and more enjoying being in the know.

Then as soon as you get updated, all you have to do is click on the “Community” tab and you can instantly talk to all the other K-pop fans who are into the same groups as you. You can answer polls, quizzes, make your own posts, or participate in giveaways by getting social (the 7 Days of BTS are going on now!).

Wanna talk to your group chat about everything that’s going on? You can do it right from the app. In fact, you can create public groups to make new friends. You simply tag your chat with hashtags that match the topic and watch people join! Or if you want to keep things private and talk to your friends on an app that has everything right there for you, you can do that too.

Let’s face it: the social aspect of K-pop is what makes it fun. Without it, you’re just screaming about your faves into the void and hearing your voice echo back. There is a world of millions of K-pop fans all over the world and limiting yourself could keep you from finding your new best friend.

If you’re interested in theQoos app, you can click on the picture below to look at their website and download the app.

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