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October Kpop Playlist

Because this month means so much to me, I wanted to create the perfect Halloween Kpop mood music for the season.


My Top 5 Boy Groups (Right Now)

My tastes in Kpop boy groups is constantly shifting so even though I might be a die-hard IGOT7 today, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like their comeback tomorrow. I’m always discovering new groups, letting myself listen to releases I’d put off, getting excited about rookies that no one else cares about. So here are my current

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BTS Wings Tour Concert Experience

It had always been my dream to go to a BTS concert. When I became an ARMY, Red Bullet Tour was ending and BTS was on their way out of the states. The timing haunted me. I vowed the next time BTS was in the US–no matter how far I had to go–I would go.

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