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K-Pop Comeback Teasers: What Works?

After sitting through two weeks worth of teasers for the new TWICE single, I thought about how much a comeback promotion can vary from group to group and company to company. Certain groups, like BTS, can release one single teaser with a full length track, and give you enough anticipation to last you through to

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Rumors & Jealousy in K-Pop: Why Your Idol Doesn’t Owe You Anything

I know the title of this post is strong, but so are my current feelings about the way that ARMYs have handled a recent rumor that sprung up on the internet. If you hadn’t heard about the whole thing with Jungkook and the tattoo artist, it basically boils down to this: Jungkook took a picture

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Yoko Ogawa Book Review

I don’t do too many reviews on this blog because I don’t necessarily know if you guys would want to hear my opinions on the many weird and varied reads that I pick up, but I just finished reading two incredible novels by the Japanese author Yoko Ogawa—Memory Police and The Housekeeper & the Professor—and

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