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Yoko Ogawa Book Review

I don’t do too many reviews on this blog because I don’t necessarily know if you guys would want to hear my opinions on the many weird and varied reads that I pick up, but I just finished reading two incredible novels by the Japanese author Yoko Ogawa—Memory Police and The Housekeeper & the Professor—and

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Diving Into J-Pop

This post is long overdue. I tried to write a post forever ago about discovering J-pop but all the groups I found were not really my taste and I was having a difficult time coming up with an overall positive experience since I didn’t just want to be the jerk that hates J-pop. Unfortunately, it

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K-Beauty & J-Beauty Haul

For anyone who is interested in K-beauty and J-beauty but is on a budget Marshalls is the place to be. It is super affordable, and you can find things you would find at Sephora or Ulta for a much better price. Every time I’m running low on masks, I head in and I always find

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