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A-Z Challenge: N is for NCT 127

It was tough to decide what I would ultimately end up calling this post. Would I only be talking about NCT 127 or would I talk about NCT as a whole? Or maybe NCT Dream? Should I discuss the OGs–NCT-U? In the end, I chose to focus on the group I know the most about

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Bias History (A Tag)

I have a lot of biases. Clearly. It’s hard to exist in Kpop and not pick favorites. I wanted to try something a little different (and something that hopefully everyone could engage in) and do a tag. So here are my biases and how I came to love them. BTS: J-Hope Okay. This one is

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My Top 5 Boy Groups (Right Now)

My tastes in Kpop boy groups is constantly shifting so even though I might be a die-hard IGOT7 today, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like their comeback tomorrow. I’m always discovering new groups, letting myself listen to releases I’d put off, getting excited about rookies that no one else cares about. So here are my current

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