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Album or Nah: October 2019 Edition

Hey friends! I have been super busy with about a million side projects (I got into embroidery, sewing, I started writing a novel, I’m applying to grad school, etc…) so I kind of let my blog fall by the wayside but I couldn’t stay away too long. Why? Because it’s comeback season! Which means there’s

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Map of the Soul: PERSONA Review

Strap in ladies, gentlemen, and all my non-binary friends because I’ve been waiting to write this review for quite some time. BTS is back and, after I wrote that whole post explaining the basics of Jungian theory, I hoped they would come through with something truly magnificent that lived up to all the hype. SPOILER

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Taemin – Want 2nd Mini Album Review

I had been waiting for this comeback and Taemin never disappoints. The new album is everything we have come to love Taemin for–sexy, dark, and innovative. I–as you would expect–have a hard time being objective with Taemin, as I do with anyone in Shinee. That said, let’s dive in. Want Want is, to put it

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