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A-Z Challenge: S is for SEVENTEEN

This was easily the toughest decision I had to make when I was planning this challenge. There are so many good groups and solo artists that start with the letter S: Suran, SISTAR, Stellar, SHINee, Sam Kim…but in the end I had to choose. I chose Seventeen not just because I probably have the most

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Favorite K-Pop Variety Shows

Earlier this week I made a post about all the BTS shows for everyone to have a resource to turn to, but now I want to be a little more indulgent and talk about the shows I love. Seventeen’s 13 Castaway Boys This was such a sweet show and it really was all about showing

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Teen, Age – The 2nd Album Review

This was one of my anticipated releases of the fall. I was so excited for Seventeen’s new comeback and I was absolutely certain, upon seeing the teasers and the MVs for the team songs that this album would be Seventeen’s definitive Perfect Album…

Bias History (A Tag)

I have a lot of biases. Clearly. It’s hard to exist in Kpop and not pick favorites. I wanted to try something a little different (and something that hopefully everyone could engage in) and do a tag. So here are my biases and how I came to love them. BTS: J-Hope Okay. This one is

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