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Jonghyun and Shinee Mourning Playlist

As a form of healing, I’ve been listening to some of my favorite Jonghyun and Shinee songs. It not only brightens my mood, but it makes me feel like a part of him is still here with me. This playlist is mostly upbeat songs, but there are a maybe one or two that can be

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Legends of the Kpop Industry: Shinee

Let me preface this by saying that pictures are circulating of Jonghyun’s funeral procession and PLEASE do not circulate these pictures. It is disrespectful to those mourning. I sought them out on Twitter because I thought I wanted some sort of closure, some acceptance of some kind that it had really happened and I was not

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A Quick Message for Those Who Need It

Today has been awful. My eyes hurt from crying. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, the news was dropped today that Jonghyun of Shinee has passed away. The official statement from SM was released this morning after speculation from fans circulated on Twitter. You can read the statement from SM here. Jonghyun was beloved

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