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K-Pop Comeback Teasers: What Works?

After sitting through two weeks worth of teasers for the new TWICE single, I thought about how much a comeback promotion can vary from group to group and company to company. Certain groups, like BTS, can release one single teaser with a full length track, and give you enough anticipation to last you through to

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Fancy You – TWICE Album Review

I have, historically, not wanted to review TWICE albums because I just have such a track record of loving the title song and not liking anything else. And because I love TWICE, I don’t want to just spend an entire post saying “I don’t like this” so I waited. Patiently. And here it is! A

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What I’m Looking Forward To In 2018

I was going to title this something along the lines of “Comebacks I’m Looking Forward to in 2018” but there’s so much more than just comebacks that I’m looking forward to. There will be world tours, debuts, anniversaries, etc. I don’t want to exclude anything, so instead I’ll be talking about everything all at once.

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