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8 Funniest Tweets From K-Pop Twitter This Week

Hey everyone! I have a review of the new TWICE comeback coming up, but I was scrolling through Twitter and I realized there is so much content to sift through to find funny stuff if you don’t follow the right people–especially if you aren’t even on Twitter to begin with. That said, I wanted to

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Fandom Wars: Unnecessary & Ridiculous

If you’ve never seen a K-pop fan outright disrespecting another group just because they don’t particularly like them online, then congratulations! You’ve lived a truly blessed life. Unfortunately for most of us, these people are everywhere: in YouTube comments, on Twitter timelines, lurking in Instagram DMs. Their main purpose, it appears, is to agitate others

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BTS Outcast & Social Media Storytelling

If you haven’t been under a rock and you spend at least part of your time on Twitter, then you’ve probably heard of Outcast. Articles have already been written about it and it trended worldwide on Twitter. I wouldn’t even be surprised if BTS themselves have at least glanced it. Outcast is the brainchild of

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